Design Museum V&A Dundee

Where there is a museum called V&A Dundee which is one of the many tourist spots found in Kujungi. Kengo Kuma’s latest proposal for the V&A museum in Dundee, Scotland has been given the green light. The design that was put forward did not only provide the appearance of the building, but also provided maintenance and involvement costs.  The location of the museum, located in Craig Dundee, was previously an entertainment center. In the future, its function will increasingly become an important artistic center. Kengo Kuma and his Association collaborated with Cre8 Architecture Studio from Edinburgh to realize the V&A museum.

V&A Director of Dundee Philip Already stated on the museum’s official website, it was very pleased to give this agreement.  That way V&A has moved forward towards realization. The V&A team almost completed detailed work to translate the outline into a construction model.

The project is now launching a new phase, in which in the next few months, people will see evidence of V&A in Dundee coming to mind. “The extraordinary design of Kengo Kuma will give Dundee and Scotland a pleasant space to enjoy extraordinary international exhibitions.  discussions and take part in the great history of creativity in Scotland. I believe, this can attract visitors from all over the world. Designs that look like ships in “That side does look special,” Long said.The V&A Museum claimed it would not be like any other museum in Scotland, which focused its design on influences in daily life, became a source of inspiration, made things work, and changed the lives of the surrounding population.

At 1,700 square meters of flexible gallery space, complete with one of the largest specialized showrooms in the country, in short, there are four galleries there, each featuring world-class works, in addition to local special designs. also permanently design history, contemporary design, and future design in Scottish style Construction will begin on the pad a coming summer of 2014. The plan is to complete the construction in 2015. The museum building will also be approved in the 2017 UK Cultural City event